Caring for Your Net & Voile Curtains

Caring for your net and voile curtains.

All of our Net and Voile curtain are made of 100% polyester and if looked after will look good for years  to come.

Being made of 100% Polyester fibres these curtains are extremely durable and easy to keep clean, however, to maintain the appearance of your curtains we recommend that you follow the cleaning procedures below:-

  • Due to the nature of the polyester fibres most dirt will just lie on the surface of the fabric and unless the dirt or stains have become ingrained then a light rinse or hand wash in cool or luke warm water (Max 30 degrees) will be sufficient to clean your curtain. If any dirt or stains have become ingrained in your curtain then you may have to leave your curtain to soak for a short while before rinsing.
  • When washing your curtain it is fine to use a mild detergent sparingly but never use bleach or anything likely to discolour or deteriorate the fabric. Please ensure your curtain are rinsed to remove any residue of the detergent before hanging.
  • It is not usually necessary to iron your curtain and, if hung immediately after washing, any creases should drop out as the curtain dries.    If you do need to iron your curtain please use a silk or delicate setting and we would also  recommend using a damp  towel or similar item as a barrier between the iron and the curtain.
  • Sometimes Machine Washing is the most convenient way to clean your nets and voiles and this will be work fine provided you use a delicate or hand wash setting and a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Never spin or tumble dry your curtain. For some designs with delicate stitching or embroidery we would also recommend using a mesh laundry bag to protect your curtain from any damage caused by the agitation from a washing machine cycle.